Thank you all!

Nine years ago I started Dragonfly Dew with a mission to create products that would help people who have sensitive skin and want to use only natural products. I made myself a promise to only use Mother Nature's gifts in my creations and feel proud that I've always stuck to that promise. It's been a great adventure and I'm very grateful to have been able to help to so many people over the years with their skin. I've met many incredible customers during this time, and I thank you so much for believing in me! 

Now it's time to move onto a new adventure. We've made the decision to close our online store but we will continue to help you out with any questions or concerns regarding any open order by email at support @

Thank you again and wishing you all the very best! 
Kathy Green
Owner and Artisan
Dragonfly Dew 

Pure Botanical Skincare

All of our products are made from the gifts that Mother Nature gives to us:
plant based oils and butters  |  pure waxes from plants and bees  |  herbs and spices
essential oils and other natural ingredients.
 Located in the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains,
the inspiration for our products comes from the gorgeous abundance of nature that graces our home.
All Dragonfly Dew products are handmade, hand poured, hand labeled and created with care for you and the environment.