Lavender Mint Moisturizing Lotion Bar

Lotion on the Go! What's a lotion bar you might ask? Lotion Bars are like lotion, but without any water, just pure oils, waxes and butters. Great for just out of the shower moisturizing, rough elbows or heels. Dragonfly Dew  Moisturizing Lotion Bars melt instantly on your skin, are very portable and great for those on the go! Essential oils and Herbal Infusions are the only things that give them their fragrance. Our Lavender Mint Lotion Bar has a crisp clean scent that brings you to the snowy mountain tops of the Rocky Mountains.


Who’s it for: Lavender Mint Lotion Bars are perfect for all skin types.

Each lotion bar is approximately 1.3 oz and is packaged in a reusable tin container.


Mango Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Beeswax, Jojoba Oil*, Candelilla Wax, Vitamin E, Lavender Essential Oil, Peppermint Leaf Essential Oil, Spearmint Leaf Essential Oil.

To use

Simply rub the moisture bar on your body where ever you need some extra pampering. The butters and waxes will provide you with deep down, long lasting moisturize.

Note: This lotion bar may soften and/or melt in very high temperatures. Please keep in a cool place.

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