Why Dragonflies?

Dragonfly Dew = Purely Good for Your Skin

You’re probably thinking that Dragonfly Dew is a strange name, so maybe a little background will help to enlighten you! 

First let's start with some definitions: 

The Dragonfly symbolizes transformation, change and renewal. Dragonflies live in two worlds, first that of water and then on land. They are carriers of luck and prosperity. 

Dew symbolizes purity, clarity, and also renewal. Dew brings humidity to the skin and is a symbol of rejuvenation and revitalization. 

Together, they represent a way to transform your skin with the purity of natural ingredients, and painstaking attention to quality. 

Dragonflies have always fascinated me, and they are my good luck charms that I have with me everyday. They are light in movement, delicate, and resilient at the same time. Watching the movement of water, and the dew on the leaves in the morning, has always been a calming and relaxing force of nature. So then what better symbols to use for products that will lift your spirits, calm and protect your skin, and be good to the earth?